Success Stories

Lisa's story

Hi Michael,

I hope you are well.

I’m not sure if you remember me but wanted to let you know that I gave birth on Sunday to Francesca Harper Green at a healthy 6lb 11ozs (pictures attached).

I wanted to thank yourself, Hannah and Sarah for all of your support through the IVF process. I don’t have contact details for Sarah and Hannah so if you can please let them know my thanks.

I can’t recommend you highly enough Magic Mike and team, you have contributed to making my dreams come true.

Best regards,

Lisa x

Louise's bundle of Joy

Dear Michael,

Thanks once again for everything you did.
Kind regards,



Sophie's story

Dear Michael ,Here is the baby!!! He's now 3 months old. (Photos attached).Sorry I've taken 3 months to write this email, it's been on my mind every day.Benjamin was born at 42 weeks, easy quick natural birth at Warwick Hospital. He is a robust, healthy and content little chap, and he loves his sleep. Therefore I write to thank you for my wonderful pregnancy and my lovely second child I dreamed so much about.

Debbie's story


To Michael & team,

On Monday 5th Feb 2018 we welcomed our second miracle into our family Miss Darcie Beau after a 5and a half hour labour weighing 7lb 14oz!

After being told back in 2012 that we would need IVF to make our family we never gave up hope this day would come.

Our family is now complete.

You have played a massive part in helping us conceive both miracles & we are extremely grateful for all your knowledge & help. Your services will always be highly recommended by us.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Debbie, Drew, Kake & Darcie




Lucy's story

'I came to see Mike in early 2017 after nearly 4 years of unexplained infertility. I had never had acupuncture before but thought it was worth a try. I enjoyed Mike's dry sense of humour and he was very positive which made me feel more confident. I didn't find the appointments relaxing or painless(!) but it was worth it - about a year later our beautiful baby was born. We are thrilled with him and I'm so glad I gave fertility acupuncture a try. Lucy - 2018'  

Amy's story

Dear Michael

You may remember me, I came to you for treatment in Jan/Feb 2016 during an ICSI cycle (we had two failed fresh cycles and a failed FET previously). Happily I became pregnant and our little boy, Felix, is now 17 months old! I am convinced that your acupuncture treatments made the difference - they certainly boosted my ovulation. 

My husband and I are about to try again, but with a FET. Is it worth me seeing you at all for this in advance of treatment? If not, would you still recommend a session after transfer?

I'm attaching a photo of my son, in case you are interested/it is of use for your website. 

Kind regards


Helen's story


We will forever be etrenally grateful for the part you played

in our journey to have Sidney. Baby number 400 as you said!


Helen & Jim

Rachel's twins

Hi Michael

I hope you are well. I came to see you last year around my treatment at Clinic Zlin in the Czech Republic. 
The treatment worked and we safely delivered twins in August. A girl, Mabel, and a boy, Ben.
I just wanted to say thank you for your treatment and also for recommending Zlin to us. Thanks to your advice we now have two beautiful babies. 
I have recommended you and Zlin to other friends with fertility problems.
I've attached a photo of Ben and Mabel. They are a delight and I feel so lucky to have finally got them!

Rachel x