Roxanne's story


I went to see Mike after I was recommended him by my dental nurse. As soon as I met Mike I instantly liked him. Not only is Mike very professional and knowledgeable, he is also a very friendly and a really funny guy. I instantly felt at ease with him and I felt very confident that he would be able to help me with my fertility struggles. Myself and my partner had been trying to conceive for four long years and eventually decided to try IVF. For anyone who has been through this, it is a very stressful time and I felt that people's perception of IVF was quite poor. Friends and family who knew we were having the treatment, were very negative and quick to tell me that it doesn't work especially the first time. Well I am pleased to say that I truly believe with Mike's help we were successful after our first attempt. I am now six and a half months pregnant and have had no issues at all with the pregnancy. I have not had any morning sickness or other complaints that most women have, and again I believe this is down to Mike working his magic.


Words can't express how grateful I am to Mike and his team for helping me conceive my little miracle. If you are reading this, and are in two minds about trying it I urge you to. I have been where you are and have now got my little miracle on the way. This could be you too.


Thanks Mike for making mine and my husband's dreams finally come true.



Kind Regards





Rachel's twins

Hi Michael

I hope you are well. I came to see you last year around my treatment at Clinic Zlin in the Czech Republic. 
The treatment worked and we safely delivered twins in August. A girl, Mabel, and a boy, Ben.
I just wanted to say thank you for your treatment and also for recommending Zlin to us. Thanks to your advice we now have two beautiful babies. 
I have recommended you and Zlin to other friends with fertility problems.
I've attached a photo of Ben and Mabel. They are a delight and I feel so lucky to have finally got them!

Rachel x 

4 year old girl suffering from wetting the bed & stomach pain

Hi Michael wanted to say thank you jaya  is much better after her first treatment and has not wet the bed neither complained about her stomach, the only thing is she is still emotional but hopefully will grow out of it. Thank you so much

Waynes feedback

Hi to all the acupuncture team, i have had 3 sessions of fertility acupuncture so far just had another analysis done and my results are... total motility has gone from 31% to 48% immotile motility has improved and decreased from 69% to 52% sperm morphology has improved from 4% to 5% and total sperm per ejaculate has improved from 52.36 million to 70.8 million. Cant wait to come back for some more sessions, thanks to all the team. Thank you so much!Wayne



Hi Michael


Just a quick email to say you were right- you predicted I was going to have a baby boy and I did!


You need to change careers ;) lol


Thanks for everything






Mr Khan


"I have recommended him to all friends and colleagues"
"Micheal has the most greatest of knowledge . The treatment I had was incredible and a persistent pain that was always ignored was picked up my him. I have recommended him to all friends and colleagues. His expertise and results will be there to be seen" 



Hannah's card

Such a nice card!

Jo's story


Hi Mike

I hope you're well? Ash and I had our 12 week NHS scan yesterday and all is looking well. We had our NIPT blood tests and the results came back as low risk so we're full steam ahead!

I also wanted to let you know that the NIPT tests revealed that we're having a boy - so you were right! We kept the piece of paper until we had the results and finally opened it yesterday - amazing!

I attach our scan pics that we're happy for you to use. I wanted to say thank you again to you and Gaynor for all of your advice and support over the last few years. It's been a long road for us and I have no doubt that your sessions have helped us get to this happy point. You have been an immense support during some difficult times.

I've been feeling pretty good so far so am counting myself amongst the lucky ones! I've just started to get a few pains in my back and pelvis which I think it just things moving around. I'm going back to work for a few months so may book a session soon to keep me levelled over the coming months!

Thank you so much once again, take care, Jo




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