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Success Stories

Major Kath Darby Walsh

Kath is a Major in the army where she trains military nurses. She already had a daughter but had been trying to conceive for 2 years.

After 7 treatments Kath is now expecting twins, 2 boys!!. The couple are delighted!

Kath still comes to see me for a top-up treatment to help her through her term.

Lyanna and David

Lyanna and her husband David Chan had suffered 2 failed attempts at IVF. Lyanna is a nurse at Solihull Hospital. Her earlier IVF attempts did not produce very good embryos and the couple did not hold out much hope for their third IVF attempt.

Lyanna had decided to try my acupuncture treatment prior to her third IVF session. After 4 of my treatments and 2 x A1 embryo transfers Lyanne is finally pregnant.

When Lyanna found out she was pregnant she was shocked as the couple had all but given up hope. At her 7 week scan Lyanna found out that she is expecting twins!


Louise had been told by her consultant that it was highly unlikely that she would ever conceive. She was under a lot of stress when she came to see me and was slightly under weight.

After 3 infertility treatments with me Louise became pregnant. She had worked it out that she became pregnant after the first treatment. Louise and her husband are overjoyed!


Lisa and her husband had been trying for a baby for several years when they decided to contact me at the Solihull Clinic. Physically they were both very healthy. After 3 of my acupuncture infertility treatments Lisa became pregnant and has since had a little boy, Daniel.

After Lisa became pregnant she continued to have treatment with me for morning sickness and general well being. The couple are thrilled!


Jo came to me after two miscarraiges. After 8 acupuncture treatments Jo has a healthy pregnancy.


Louise is a teacher who was suffering from PCOS and endometriosis when she came to see me. Louise had suffered a failed IVF and was hoping acupuncture could help. After 8 fertility acupuncture treatments Louise’s second IVF was successful. Louise came back to me to try for her second child and she is now 12 weeks pregnant with twins!!

Claudio & Marielle

This lovely couple from Chile came to me to try to boost Claudio’s sperm count which was very low. They had been trying for a baby for several years. After 9 of my acupuncture fertility treatments Marielle conceived naturally at 46. The couple are very happy. Claudio says “ the acupuncture worked for us”!


Sheena had suffered an ectopic pregnancy which caused the loss of one tube. She had also suffered a failed IVF.

After 5 of my fertility acupuncture treatments Sheena’s IVF was successful.

She has now given birth to twin girls!!